9th Annual YOLO Board Race Series
the 9th Annual YOLO Board Race Series
Garden of Life presents the 9th Annual Yolo Board Relay Series

The 9th Annual YOLO Board Relay Series will feature relay-style competition between male, female and co-ed teams of three in a Recreational division.

The fun-filled series includes racers of all skill levels and ages from junior to seniors vying for the coveted champion title, all the while rallying in friendly competition out on local waters.

All events will be held on Thursday - May 19th, June 16th and July 21st at 5 PM at The Bay restaurant on HWY 331.

All Events will be held at 5PM AT THE BAY RESTAURANT on THE FOOT of HWY 331 SOUTH

May 19
June 16
July 21

All events are free and open to the public. YOLO boards will be provided for use at each race event. All events will be run on YOLO 12' recreation boards.